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Project Description
Integrating jQuery's DataTables.NET into's MVC framework, automatically generating master-detail grids from enumerated types in just one line of code!

Do you want to use w/ MVC? If you're building a website w/ a datatable / grid and want to tap into the MVC paradigm provided by Microsoft's web technologies, then this project's for you.

This project enables you to write one line in the view that automatically creates dynamic (CRUD, able to create-read-update-delete) and sophisticated master-detail grids.

For example, this one line:

@Html.Partial("_DataTable", Html.DataTableModel((DemoController c) => c.GetDirectoryModels(null)))

... runs this website:


The beauty and added value of this project (new technology) is that all the components are "smart" and strongly-typed. That means, that your magically discoverable functions look like this:
  • Get master objects (directories in the demo project): public DataTableResult<DirectoryModel> GetDirectoryModels(DataTableViewModel viewModel)
  • Get master-detail objects (files from the master directory): public DataTableResult<FileModel> GetFiles(DataTableViewModel viewModel, DirectoryModel directoryModel)
  • Delete object: public string DeleteDirectoryModel(DirectoryModel directoryModel)
  • Add object: public int AddDirectoryModel(DirectoryModel directoryModel)
  • Update object: public string UpdateDirectoryModel(DirectoryModel directoryModel, string column, string value)

Demo at: NOTE: Demo site was canceled - not enough interest in this project to keep it going

Special thanks to: Johannes-Brunner of for the concepts and direction used in this project, Jovan Popovic of for creating the editable components of, and the widely-known open-source projects at, W/o them, this project wouldn't have been possible. Thank you!

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